Articles, videos and interviews

ARTICLES (downloadable pdf’s)

Laozi and Quantum Physics (pdf, 217 kb) Holistic Science Journal, Vol 2, Issue 1, September 2012, pp. 6-12

Abstraction and the Economy (pdf, 115 kb) English version of the talk given at the celebration meeting for the 12th anniversary of Filosofia sui Navigli, centered on the topic La crisi: il contributo della filosofia per uscire dalla crisi, Milano, 7 October 2012

The legend of the origin of the Tao Te Ching, (pdf, 82 kb) April 2013.

Bach y el Cosmos, talk given on September 30th 2016 in the Cordoba (Spain) Conservatory for the special event Bach y el Cosmos, with Emanuela Piemonti (pianoforte) and Toni Millán (harpsichord), in the context of the Seventh Edition of the International Guadalquivir Piano Festival (in Spanish)


Entrevista radio Musica y Universo (in Spanish)

Interview with Gianandrea Giacoma for the Being Sapiens website (in Italian with English subtitles).

SAND – Laozi and Quantum Physics

SAND – Conversation with Rupert Spira

Schumacher College – The Quantum Revolution and the Soul of the World

Conversation with Thomas Daffern