Physics Lectures and Seminars

These lectures and seminars are an invitation to dive into some of the eternal questions human beings have been asking themselves (what is the world made of? who are we? what is life? what is matter? what is consciousness? what is mind? what is space? what is time?) from the particular angle provided by the world models of contemporary physics. A wonderful side-effect of these narratives is that they undermine many of our ‘obvious’ notions of what things are like: in fact the notion itself of the existence of ‘things’ comes into question. Our universe is wilder and more mysterious than we ordinarily assume. In this way physics becomes an instrument of wonder, it helps us to re-experience a sense of awe at the vastness and mystery of reality.

Lectures are typically one or two hours long, while seminars can be one or two days long. They are all addressed to a general audience: no scientific expertise is required.

If you would like to organize a lecture or a seminar at your center or institute please write to me.

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