All the lectures given at Eranos are published in the Eranos Jahrbücher/Eranos Yearbooks (volumes 1-1933 to 13-1945 with articles in German, 14-1946 to 57-1988 with articles in English, French and German, while from 58-1989 on all articles are in English). The Eranos Yearbooks are available from Daimon Verlag, Hauptstrasse 85, CH-8840 Einsiedeln, fax +41 55 4122231.

A selection of Papers from the Eranos Yearbooks, translated into English and edited by Joseph Campbell, has been published by Princeton University Press in six volumes (two of which are at present out of print).

Eranos 1. Spirit and Nature
Edited by Joseph Campbell
Paper, 498 pp.| 1982 | $29.95 / £18.95 | ISBN: 0-691-01841-3
Essays by Ernesto Buonaiuti, Friedrich Dessauer, C. G. Jung, Werner Kaegi, C. Kerényi, Paul Masson-Oursel, Fritz Meier, Adolf Portmann, Max Pulver, Hugo Rahner, Erwin Schrödinger, and Walter Wili.

Eranos 2. The Mysteries
Edited by Joseph Campbell
Paper, 496 pp.| 1979 | $29.95 / £18.95 | ISBN: 0-691-01823-5
Essays by Julius Baum, C. G. Jung, C. Kerényi, Hans Leisegang, Paul Masson-Oursel, Fritz Meier, Jean de Menasce, Georges Nagel, Walter F. Otto, Max Pulver, Hugo Rahner, Paul Schmitt, and Walter Wili.

Eranos 3. Man and Time
Edited by Joseph Campbell
Paper, 440 pp.| 1957 | This book is out of print | ISBN: 0-691-01857-X
Cloth, 440 pp.| 1957 | This book is out of print | ISBN: 0-691-09732-1
Essays by Henry Corbin, Mircea Eliade, C. G. Jung, Max Knoll, G. van der Leeuw, Louis Massignon, Erich Neumann, Helmuth Plessner, Adolf Portmann, Henri-Charles Puech, Gilles Quispel, and Hellmut Wilhelm. With an introduction by Henry Corbin.

Eranos 4. Spiritual Disciplines
Edited by Joseph Campbell
Paper, 509 pp.| 1985 | $29.95 / £18.95 | ISBN: 0-691-01863-4
Essays by Rudolf Bernoulli, Martin Buber, C. M. von Cammerloher, T. W. Danzel, Friedrich Heiler, C. G. Jung, C. Kerényi, John Layard, Fritz Meier, Max Pulver, Erwin Rousselle, and Heinrich Zimmer. With an introduction by Mircea Eliade.

Eranos 5. Man and Transformation
Edited by Joseph Campbell
Paper, 413 pp.| 1981 | This book is out of print | ISBN: 0-691-01834-0
Cloth, 413 pp.| 1964 | This book is out of print | ISBN: 0-691-09733-X
Essays by Ernst Benz, Henry Corbin, Jean Daniélou, Mircea Eliade, G. van der Leeuw, Fritz Meier, Adolf Portmann, Daisetz T. Suzuki, Paul Tillich, Lancelot Law Whyte, and Heinrich Zimmer.

Eranos 6. The Mystic Vision
Edited by Joseph Campbell
Paper, 508 pp.| 1983 | $29.95 / £18.95 | ISBN: 0-691-01842-1
Essays by Ernesto Buonaiuti, Friedrich Heiler, Wilhelm Koppers, Louis Massignon, Jean de Menasce, Erich Neumann, Henri-Charles Puech, Gilles Quispel, Erwin Rousselle, Boris Vyshelawzeff, and Heinrich Zimmer.

Information about Eranos can also be gleaned from:

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Olga Froebe and Casa Eranos.jpg

Olga Froebe-Kapteyn and Casa Eranos in 1939