Here are the links to some of my books of poems. You can read them, download them as PDF or buy them…

(in Spanish) Todo lo Sabe la Tierra
“Todo lo sabe la Tierra, teaches us that Everything is infinitely rich, that Everything is an endless journey – and the journey requires us to prostrate ourselves, to touch the earth, to feel the layers of joy and pain that are in every speck of dust, to contemplate the unmentionable deaths and births that are under our nails (…)”.

(in Spanish) El Mar y la Cruz
“This book relates a symbolic descent towards the bottom of the sea, a journey in which poem after poem, Cruz sinks to the depth of the marine chasms in her adventure of searching for meaning. As she says, ‘Walk inwards always, inwards / oh! brilliant suns that come/ from the distant childhood’ (…)”.

(in Spanish) La Casa de Humo
“As Chantal Maillard describes in her ‘Kill Plato’, Mañas establishes a dialogue between the everyday world and the symbolic one, the mysterious and the real. From within her soul, drawn on the walls of the house, she traces the characters of her life, as she had outlined in her previous book ‘Ninth Planet’ (…)”.

(in Spanish) Mar de Fondo

“In this book we recognize the characteristics of her first poems, although here they are magnified, namely: strength and personality, mystery and intuitive ability to suggest more than to say. A beautiful and primitive world of reverie and delusion, a transcended universe on an enemy backdrop (…)”

(in Spanish) Noveno Planeta
“At last, a table for die on / in the oblivion of others/ Forgotten, I, / I, who in my years, have populated the sun / and slept inside the lunar craters./ I have prepared everything well / to end alone./ Uselessly old, /I have always known it/ I have heard the whisper / behind the mother’s back/ (…)”.

Some collective publications (in Spanish):

Voces con sentido (Poems celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights)

Versos Mundanos