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The Feminine and the Seeds of the Future

“The feminine holds the mystery of creation. This simple and primordial truth is often overlooked, but at this time of global crisis, which also carries the seeds of a global transformation, we need to reawaken to the spiritual power and potential of the feminine.” —Llewellyn Vaughan Lee

This programme will explore the role the feminine has to play in birthing the future we long for. We will ask, what if we treated the Earth as our mother? What if we re-infused our culture with feminine values of interconnectedness, embodiment, and reverence for all life? What if we changed our concept of activism so it was grounded in the feminine principles of listening, receiving, holding space, and giving nourishment?

This programme will include a series of public talks and one-day workshops on different aspects of the feminine:

February 2, 6.30pm: Mac Macartney, The Feminine and the Seeds of the Future. March 2, 6.30pm: Hilary Hart,Hilary Hart, Men, Women, Masculine, Feminine—Making Sense of the Two in the One March 3, 10am – 5pm: Hilary Hart, One-day Workshop April 6, 6.30pm: Pat McCabe, Indigenous Wisdom of the Feminine. April 8, 10am – 5pm: Pat McCabe, One-day Workshop. May 4, 6.30pm: Samantha Whernam, Remona Aly, and Sahajatara Blake, Living the Feminine within our Faith Traditions: Christian, Muslim, and Buddhist Perspectives June 1, 6.30pm: Justine Huxley and Ruth Scott, Darkness, Imperfection, and the Feminine

There will also be a series of gatherings where a small group of women may explore these themes more deeply through dialogue, group exercises, ritual, and silence. These women’s circles, which need to be booked in advance, will be held on: February 17: a one-day workshop from 10am – 5pm, March 16: 6.30pm, April 20: 6.30pm, May 18: 6.30pm, and June 22: 6:30pm. Further details are provided below.

Location: St Ethelburga’s Centre 78 Bishopsgate London EC2N 4AG United Kingdom

These events are hosted by Clare Martin: